Does the OCVE make games?
We’re not a game development studio. We take on projects aligned with our mission that enable us to connect what we’ve learned about game design, audience engagement and participation with the development. We want partner with institutions or studios that need support of the OCVE. 

I want to be a part of the OCVE.
The OCVE is growing and We’re always interested in hearing from potential students, researchers, designers, volunteers, interns, etc. Please Email ocve (at) incom-uab.net to be in touch.

How do I share an event? 
Have you got a story to tell or is there something you think we should follow up? Have you seen or been involved in a event? Email your stories, pictures, video or audio and comments to ocve (at) incom-uab.net
If we use your material online we will publish your name as you provide it.

How do I share a resource? 
Please feel free to send the following resources for listing consideration on our page: Essays, Articles, Publications, Books, Websites and blogs, Grant Opportunities, Other suggestions. When sending in your recommendations, please include: Resource name, Author/s of the resource, Link to resource and/or attachment, Brief description of content.

Seminar & conference organisers who would like to archive papers into OCVE achive, please contact with us: ocve (at) incom-uab.net

What if I still have unanswered questions?
Email ocve (at) incom-uab.net and we will do our best to get back to you.